Qif To Excel
Want to convert Quicken / Microsoft Money .QIF file to Excel format then download our nice little QIFtoExcel program its saves the file as CSV. Many banks allow you to download recent transactions as Qif Files. Tested on Quicken 98-2003, Microsoft Money.

PC Only not Apple Mac

Supported Qif File types: Bank, Credit Card, Cash, Investment and Other.

To cover the cost of our new server we need to make a small charge of 3.50 + VAT (approx $5) for this program.

Customer Comments:

"It does exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you very much for making this utility available.

Joe Matuscak"

"It is the only program of its type that is worth buying!

Rgds David W"

  • Version 1.0.10 Full installer
  • Version 1.0.12 Added Investment file types.
  • Version 1.0.16 Additional support for apostrophe in date field
  • Version 1.0.20 Extended date conversion routine and error trapping
  • Version 1.0.22 Added Force Convert option to convert any qif file
  • Version 1.0.26 Add options to Force Convert to allow user to select the Line Ending type.
We can write special code to convert your files to any format you require. Please ask us for more information

If you are not automatically re-directed to the download after successfully paying the small fee please contact us.