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By downloading any software provided on this site you agree not to distribute the files in anyway. Our Software is currently free to download from www.databiz.uk.com and this is the only way it should be distributed.

You must not make any of our software available from any other web site or on a CD Rom or in any other way

You agree not to reverse engineer our software.

Web Masters you may link to www.databiz.uk.com but not deep link to any Files, Tools or Services available to users of the site. Databiz Ltd will without hesitation instruct its lawyers to take any available action against anyone infringing its copywrite in anyway. No discussion will be entered into.

Installing any software provided for download or using any services or tools on this web site is entirely at the users own risk, Databiz, Ltd accept no responsibility for any loss that may occur as a result of installing our software or using our tools and services. Databiz Ltd makes no warranty regarding our software / tools or services they are provided as is and we make no assurances that they are suitable for any particular purpose.

By downloading and installing the software or using our tools or services you accept the terms of this license.

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